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Experience Heroku-like developer experience on your own AWS account. Deploy to a production-ready infrastructure with minimal effort with Moonship.

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Deploy Your Apps With Ease

The ownership and security of your own AWS with the developer experience of Vercel and Heroku.

Trusted Technology

Built on the AWS SDK, Docker and other open-source technologies that power the world's largest companies.

Easy GUI Setup

Discover the easiest way to deploy your apps with our simple, user-friendly interface.


Connect your Github and deploy your apps automatically. Just merge to the right branch and let Moonship do the rest.


Autoscaling by default so you can start small, and scale automatically as your audience grows.

Secure Environment

Store your environment variables in a secure, encrypted fashion. No more exposing your secrets in your codebase.

Realtime Logs

Live logs streamed right into your Moonship dashboard. Monitor all your instances in one single place.

Deploy your databases

Coming soon

Deploy your databases

Support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and more on our development roadmap. Deploy your favourite databases in minutes on your own AWS using our simple, user-friendly interface.

    Serverless functions

    Coming soon

    Serverless functions

    Deploy your serverless functions to AWS Lambda in minutes. We plan initial support Node.js, Python, and Go. We're working on support for more languages. Built on the technology that powers Blink API.

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